Corimag s.r.l.

CORIMAG s.r.l.
Via Torino, 56
Ph. +39-011-988.98.00
Fax  +39-011-988.91.65




CORIMAG’s range also includes: ball pins, special bolts, bushings, tie rods, shafts, axles suitable for automotive, tractors and earth-moving machines.

We use different materials such as carbon steel, steel alloyed by cementation and by hardening and tempering, inox,  and aluminium.


  • Big size products, cold-headed with wrench seat coining


  • Cold-heading and extrusion of the shaft for stocks with flange      


  • Cold-heading of  thin heads for starting shafts

  • Cold-forged and machine finished spherical items
  • Raw and machined special bolts and tie rods

  •  Body extrusion with cold-forged dead hole, with wrench seat on size. Minimum internal and external machining allowance     


  • Possibility of cold-forging and machining tie rods with a length of 400 mm and a head’s diameter of 32 mm


  •  Cold-forged joints, finished and threaded









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