Corimag s.r.l.

CORIMAG s.r.l.
Via Torino, 56
Ph. +39-011-988.98.00
Fax  +39-011-988.91.65





After 30 years of experience, Corimag srl is certainly one of the leading manufacturer of high quality tools for hydraulic hammers.

Thanks to our recognized technical experience and the flexibility , Corimag reliability  is acknowledged by  some of the most important worldwide OEM leaders.

Beside the a.m. machining line, Corimag ‘s activity  concerns also on cold molding and extrusion, a particular technique developed to produce small and medium batches.






All our tools are manufactured using steel, selected according to our particular specifications. The heat-treatment is unique and developed after researches and continuous commitment to improve fatigue strength, hardness, impact strength and resistance to wear of all our tools.


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